UX/UI Bootcamp Prework — Challenge 1 Ironhack

The first step to get ready for the bootcamp was to understand the meaning and purpose of Design thinking for user centred design, user research and prototyping. While learning about it in theory was interesting, practising it brings a whole of insight in the process. The challenge was to implement a new feature in Citymapper.

What is Citymapper?

Source: Intelligent Transport

Today, it covers 58 cities and it offers an efficient, simple, accessible and eco-friendly way of commuting. Their major competitors offering a similar service are Apple Maps, Google Maps and some local public transport services apps like BVG in Berlin.

Challenge: A feature to purchase different public transport tickets


Do you use any app for commuting in your city or while travelling abroad ?
Is there anything you like and dislike about that app?

Do you buy a ticket for commuting?
Is there anything you like and dislike about the ticketing system?
How is your experience with carrying a pass?(if they use a pass)

Do you face any problems while you commute in an area that you don’t know or somewhere abroad?

Would it help you to have an app with a navigation system along with a ticket buying option within it?

Through the interviews, I learned that most of the users use 2 apps together, one for navigation and other for buying a ticket. Most of them used Google maps or apple maps for navigating and some local public transport app to buy the ticket. When travelling abroad, most of them looked for a ticket vending machine or a ticket buying counter which lead to frustration and confusion. The users complained about having to carry the card everywhere and paying a fine if they misplaced it or forgot to bring it with them. The users carried cash with them when travelling as some machines only accepts cash. When travelling abroad, firstly, they exchanged the currency to use to reach their destination. The user expressed frustration about it and to be able to not understand the ticketing machines sometimes.


So, How do I introduce a feature where the user can buy the ticket they need and can also see other ticket options available for their route and the way to store the ticket they bought digitally?



I changed from the third step. Here is the prototype:

With the new feature: Once the user selects the route they need, the user have the options to buy the best ticket as per their need. Ticket options shows different tickets that are the best as per the route selected by the user. A easy payment method which ends with the ticket added in the route, the user has selected.

My learnings

Hi! I am a UX/UI Designer.